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Nestled in the heart of Kentucky Bluegrass, a small independent distillery practices the time-honored tradition of fine whiskey-making. Heaven Hill Distilleries, established in 1935 by the five Shapira brothers, is presently the largest family-owned independent distillery in the United States.

Although Heaven Hill has grown significantly in production and worldwide reputation since 1935, the unique factors which distinguish Heaven Hill from other distilleries have remained constant. Heaven Hill is still owned by its original founding family. The sparklingly clear limestone water, naturally filtered through the rolling hills of rural Kentucky, is still used to create a distilled spirit of distinctive taste and character. And most importantly, the traditional standards of quality and sincere commitment to excellence have been maintained by Heaven Hill throughout the decades.

Today, Heaven Hill holds the second largest inventory of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey in the world. Its premium-aged Evan Williams Bourbon, named for Kentucky’s First Distiller, is one of the top-selling Bourbon Whiskeys. Heaven Hill’s impressive bourbon portfolio also includes our namesake, Heaven Hill Premium Bourbon Whiskey, and Elijah Craig, a super-premium bourbon named in honor of the Reverend Elijah Craig, who is credited with inventing bourbon whiskey.

From EvanWilliams Heaven Hill Cooking with Bourbon, by Heaven Hill Distilleries, nd.




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