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Solo recording by Tommy Womack, former member of bands Government Cheese and the bis-quits. This album are the reflections of a singer, song-writer performer who has returnred to the 8 to 5 routine to stay afloat.

1. A Songwriter's Prayer

2. If That's All There is to See

3. Nice Day

4. 25 Years Ago

5. Too Much Month at the End of the Xanax

6. I'm Never Gonna Be a Rock Star

7. I Want a Cigarette

8. I Couldn't Care Less

9. Alpha Male and the Canine Mystery Blood

10. Fluorescent Light Blues

11. A Cockroach After the Bomb

12. Everything's Coming Up Roses Again

13. Nice Day (Reprise)

See also Amplifier articles "Tommy Womack: There I Said It!" by Don Thomason, February 2007 and Jack Montgomery's "Music from the Hill: Tommy Womack, A Java City Star," October 2009, available in the Kentucky Library.


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