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Roz Hetland


Roz Hetland


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Wow, what a treat to go back in time and to stir up some memories of having the pleasure of meeting the Hilltoppers in a rather unusual way. However, in a very strange way I got to thinking of Jimmy Sacca and Karl Garvin. Thanks to Google. The Hilltoppers probably do not remember Saskatoon, Sask situated in Canada. They did a performance at our university and later proceeded to party it up having dinner and then on to the Bessborough by taxi in their silk suits with no top coats. Little did they realize they had landed in a bone chilling freezing town.

I still love your music although the nostalgia really got to me. Loved reading about your lives and your accomplishments. Thanks to Karl Garvin for making sure I arrived home safe and sound. I am glad I got to meet you.

Regards, Roz Hetland


Western Kentucky University, Hilltoppers Quartet


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