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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Frederick Grieve (chair), Sally Kuhlenschmidt

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Department of Psychological Sciences

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Master of Arts


Childhood sexual abuse is the subject of many studies and analyses. Eating disorders, specifically bulimia nervosa, are also frequently studied to help clinicians gain an understanding of how they develop and the risk factors that make a person more susceptible than their peers. However, binge-eating disorder and its relationship to childhood sexual abuse is not as commonly researched. This paper seeks to investigate the literature available on the overlap between the two topics, childhood sexual abuse and binge-eating disorder. Then articles examining the relationship between the two will be identified and reviewed to determine the state of the literature. Finally, this paper will investigate the long-term impacts of childhood sexual abuse and binge-eating disorder (or patterns of disordered eating involving binging behaviors) to establish the importance of researching and understanding this topic.


Child Psychology | Clinical Psychology | Developmental Psychology | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences