Sabbatical Reports

Date Submitted

Spring 2013



Project Description

This document summarizes my sabbatical leave activities for spring semester, 2014. Below my accomplishments are discussed, and the value of the sabbatical leave to my teaching and research is assessed. The main activities I conducted during my sabbatical leave period included work on a new research project examining FMLA's impact on breastfeeding, the writing of a second edition of a textbook, substantial revisions for an accepted publication for the Journal of 'Markets and Morality, a revise and resubmit of a manuscript for the Journal of Applied Economics and Public Policy, an interview for Voice of America, the presentation of a paper at the Association of Private Enterprise and Education, teaching Junior Achievement in a Day at McNeill Elementary, and the development of a study abroad course in Costa Rica (including a site visit). Each of these activities is explained in further detail below.


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