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Flyer advertising the Historic Stagecoach Inn in Guthrie (Tiny Town), Kentucky. Describes the history of the establishment, and one advertises its menu and prices, as well.

Recommended by Duncan Hines

The Stage Coach Inn was established some time prior to 1809 by Major John Gray, a veterans of the American Revolution and founder of Elkton, seat of Todd County, Kentucky.

Formerly known as Old Graysville, this famous old landmark was built of handmade bricks by slave labor. Originally it was a stage stop and was located at the convergence of six roads. In 1830 it was expanded into a great hotel with accommodations for overnight guests and sufficient stables for 150 carriages and teams. It is a fine specimen of Dutch Barn Architecture not too frequently seen outside the Susquehanna River Valley and Tidewater, Virginia. . . .


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