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Bowling Green, Kentucky brochure produced by The Park City Daily News. It describes Bowling Green's location, railroads, highways, population figures, altitude and climate, city government, tax rates, public improvements, parks, public utilities, banks, business section, industrial, opportunities for industry, educational facilities, Western Kentucky Teachers College, Bowling Green Business University, agriculture, tourist and historical attractions, clubs, and conventions. It advertises Bowling Green as "The Gateway to Mammoth Cave," "the home of the famous Bowling Green oolitic limestone," "the home of Kentucky rock asphalt," "the South's second largest educational center," "the center of Kentucky's most fertile agricultural section," "Kentucky's largest livestock-producing county," "the home of the famous Kentucky saddle stock," "headquarters for tourists to Mammoth Cave National Park," "the center of Kentucky's world famous cave area," and "one of Kentucky's most important tobacco centers." The brochure shows pictures of a Kentucky saddle horse, Mammoth Cave National Park, rock asphalt, a pet milk plant, a tobacco field, cattle, Barren River, Southern Cut Stone Co., Bowling Green Country Club, the Armory Building, Western Kentucky Teachers College, Bowling Green Business University, Fountain Square Park, an oil well, the Kentucky Building, the city hospital, and various street scenes.




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