The Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model (AMCM) model emphasizes building of competencies at all levels ranging from the shop floor production worker to manufacturing engineers. It consists of different levels of competencies organized hierarchically. The levels are personal effectiveness, academic, workplace, industry-wide technical, industry-sector technical, management and organization-specific competencies.

This paper discusses survey research on the perceptions of manufacturing students, faculty, and industry advisory board members regarding the AMCM. The research evaluated the manufacturing program based on perceptions of the AMCM competencies and the curricular coverage required for entry-level manufacturing professionals. Specifically, the survey sought to answer the following research questions:

  • What competencies of the AMCM are the most important for entry-level manufacturing professionals?
  • What competencies of the AMCM are most frequently covered in the manufacturing program?
  • Is the manufacturing knowledge specified by the AMCM congruent with what is being taught and what is important for entry-level manufacturing professionals?

Overall, the Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model was perceived compatible with the important competencies taught in the manufacturing program for an entry-level manufacturing professional. However, for most competencies, respondents perceived the extent of curriculum coverage to be less than the importance of the competency. Areas for consideration included an increased emphasis on professionalism, responsible behaviors, thinking skills, reading, oral, and written communication. In addition, respondents indicated the program should consider increased attention to the competencies of planning, organizational skills, adaptability, and practices for a safe work environment.


Engineering | Industrial Technology | Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering


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