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Color has many places in the world. The human body and mind react to color in a way that is hard to explain. It is sometimes so subtle we may not even notice it. In this physician office’s design, color is picked out and placed to promote health and wellness. The research 69 conducted shows that color alters mood and promotes health in the human body. The colors selected are blue, green, and white. The calming color, blue, is believed to reduce migraines, nervousness, and high blood pressure. Earthy greens are believed to be stress reducing and have a positive effect on tremors and muscle spasms . Cool colors, such as white, calm agitation and hypertension, as well as give a sense of sterility. We believe these colors will promote a healthy environment for both the mind and the body. This design will promote healing within the patients it encounters.

Faculty Advisor

Shelia Flener