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In climatological studies, it’s been long understood that it is not only crucial in documenting characteristics of the proximate landscapes for determining climate instrument exposures, but also doing so in such a way that those characteristics can be readily communicated to users of climatological data (Mahmood et al. 2006). Geoprofiles, a model for visualizing spatial metadata, do just that by including layers of elevation, land use and land cover. For this project, Geoprofiles for selected weather and climate monitoring stations of Kentucky Mesonet ( were created using geographic information system (GIS) software. GIS processed Digital Elevation Models (D EMs), aerial photographs, and Land Use and Land Cover data available from the Kentucky Geoportal and the U. S. Geological Survey. Quantitative summary statistics concerning these layers were also produced to further characterize and to provide additional information on exposure of Kentucky Mesonet stations.

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Rezaul Mahmood