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Diary entries by Clarence McElroy during his trip to Asia.

Penang has been under British control since 1786 & its possession is largely due to the foresight & labor of Col. Wm. Light.

Malacca has been outstripped by both Singapore & Penang. Its control has changed as follows – from 1511 to 1641 it was held by Portugal; From 1641 to 1795 it was held by the Dutch; From 1795 to 1818 it was held by the British; From 1818 to 1824 by the Dutch & since 1824 it has been held by the English.

As stated Penang has been English since 1786 & Singapore since 1819.

We left Penang at 5 this (20”) P.M.

Jany 21

At about 1 P.M. lost sight of Sumatra & got entirely out of the Straights [Straits] of Malacca. As far as I could see Sumatra was marked with mountains of considerable height & the coast irregular.

Jany 24 – 26

We landed at Columbo this A.M. before day. Got up at 630 & got breakfast. Ship does not land at pier. Stopped at Galle Face Hotel about a mile from pier. Is beautifully situated on the seashore. Weather delightful. Everybody dressed as in mid-summer. We drove most all afternoon about the city. Streets very broad & well kept. Many very beautiful residence in foreign quarter. Went to Cinnamon garden. The Cinnamon is a low bush & not especially fragrant when green. Trees are chiefly palms of different kinds, mangoes papaiya jack fruit & bread fruit. The jack fruit grows on the body of the tree & not on twigs. Went through native quarter – very curious many different . . .


Penang, Sumatra, Ceylon, Sri Lanka


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