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Up fairly early and down to breakfast. We had a very busy day – at least, Duncan Nell & I did. We left Duncan [Hines] at the hotel while we went touring. At 10 – Roddy and the driver picked us up and took and we did a tour of the newer part of Paris. We drove all around the Eiffel Tower but did not go up because he said it would take us at least an hour and a half. I wasn’t much interested any way. We drove past the home of the President of France and down the street which has all of the haut couture[e] shops – the really fashionable shops. Saw all of the Places whose names I cannot remember – around the Arc de Triomphe. We did get out of the car and go inside of the Invalides where Napoleon is buried. It is certainly a most Magnificent building – the ceilings are gorgeous and the Marbles are beautiful. We drove just part of the residential section and through the Blois de Balougne [Bois de Boulogne] on our way to Versailles. We also passed Shape – which is the Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe. We went through quaint villages and narrow streets – all very interesting. We stopped at the Coq Hardi for lunch. That was one of the most delightful places I have ever been. Roasters all over the place. Duncan just has to go there when we come back. We ran into the 3 couples from Philadelphia. We dined there for longer than we . . .


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