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Diary entries for Thursday and Friday April 29th and 30th.

Baden Baden. It was fairly late when we got in & since we were all rather tired, we didn't change for dinner. We asked Paul to come down for a drink before all the Jack Daniels was gone. Nell & I drank water because I had all of the wine I needed at noon since I drank all of my own bottle & part of Paul's. When Paul left, we down to the dining room for dinner. We didn't have too much dinner - Nell had Trout Bleu, Duncan had lamp chops & kidneys & I had stroganoff & fresh asparagus. We ended with fresh fruit which was just right. We all to bed right after dinner, very tired.

Thursday - Baden Baden. Had a good night's rest. Was in bed about 10 hours so should have been rested. Up about 8 & down to breakfast. Was a bit late for my appointment at the hairdressers. Ran into Paul on the way out, but a cab was waiting for me already, so I though I should take it. However, he came to pick me up which was very nice of him. Back to the hotel, & found Nell with Duncan. We gabbed for a time, then Duncan [Hines] & I down for a bit of lunch, while Nell took a walk. After lunch, I put DH down for a nap & downstairs to find Paul waiting for us. Nell finally appeared & we off for a drive & to pick up some liquor for DH & some


wine for me. We had a couple of drives up mountains & then back to the hotel to drop our bottle. Then Paul took us over to the Kurhaus for the concert at 4 & came along with us. It was delightful light music & we all enjoyed it very much. After - we walked around looking at shops, bought some talcum for Duncan & back to the hotel. Up to our rooms & Duncan & Nell have some Scotch while I have tea. Presently we dressed & down to dinner in all of our glory. We had lovely food & a delightful wine. Affenthaler Rose - After dinner we had coffee & more wine in the lounge & listened to the music until after 9 - finally up to our room to bed.

Friday - Sommerberg - Hotel Wildbad

My goodness! what a day this has been. We slept until 9 - which was just fine. Duncan needed the rest so I was glad for him to sleep. We down to breakfast and afterward Nell & I took a walk over to the Kurhaus & I bought my charm - looked into a couple of antique shop windows - then back to the hotel in time to start out with Paul for a drive into the Black Forest. We didn't go so far by actual distance but it took quite awhile to get there as we went over narrow roads & very winding. It was a gorgeous drive and one of the best that we have had I think. We not only drove through dense forests but we went through the quaintest, most charming little centuries . . .


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