Department Head: Holli Drummond

The Department of Sociology offers programs and course work designed to expand awareness and understanding of the social causes and consequences of human behavior in groups, including organizations, societies, and various cultures.

Completion of the curriculum in sociology will provide you with a broad background for pursuing a variety of careers by helping you to develop the skills most valued by today's employers. These include the ability to communicate effectively and to frame and solve problems realistically in a teamwork setting.

The Sociology and Criminology curriculum provides a broad background for students pursuing a variety of careers. Specifically, students develop the skills most desired by today's employers including the ability to communicate effectively, frame and solve real world problems, and come to empirically driven solutions. Further, our programs provide preparation for research and administrative positions, or for pursuing graduate degrees in Sociology.

Students interested in research and administrative positions, pursuing graduate degrees in sociology or other related academic fields, or training for teachers of these subjects will find the program in sociology academically and professionally rewarding.

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