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There is limited research on the perceptions of faculty who teach branch campus students. Exploratory in nature, this qualitative study explored the branch campus teaching experiences of a particular subset of educators – those who teach in social work education programs. The paper will discuss social work faculty members’ perspectives about the advantages and challenges of teaching branch campus students. Eighty-one social work educators from twenty-six states completed an online survey developed by the researchers. The survey included qualitative questions that explored both resident and non-resident faculty members’ perceptions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of teaching branch campus students. The predominant themes that emerged from the data identified that connection to students and faculty recognition have a significant impact on faculty members’ perceptions about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching branch campus students. Both faculty members who were resident and non-resident expressed satisfaction teaching an underserved student population that is motivated, diverse, and full of life experience


Community College Leadership | Educational Psychology | Social Work