Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


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This book is both a narrative and a guide. As a narrative, the book illustrates whit is like to be an underachiever. As a guide, the book informs parents with underachieving children about tho w to best help their child succeed. The former is based on my own personal experience with underachievement and what I've learned from it. The latter is based on extensive research and this research is then contrasted with my own experience to give the reader ta clearer picture of what the various concepts (concepts from the research) look like in practice. The book itself is structure into three parts. The first five chapters of the book are essentially narrated reviews of academic literature that is relevant to giftedness and underachievement (Part one). The sixth chapter contains my step-by-step plan which I call The Insight Approach to Reversing Underachievement (part two), and the last two chapters deal with learning disorders, such as ADHD, and the role such disorders can play in perpetuation underachievement (part three).


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research