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Because Western Kentucky University does not maintain a back-up system for its departments, the Computer Science Department has implemented its own. Using Bacula software on a Unix server, files from faculty desktop computers and servers are backed up to a tape drive on a daily basis. The server is protected from outside threats with a carefully configured firewall script. This paper explains how both the firewall and the back-up software were implemented and how successful that implementation has been.

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James Gary, Mustata Atici


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IPTables.doc (26 kB)
Appendix A IPTables Script

Director Daemon.doc (64 kB)
Appendix B Director Daemon Configuration File

Storage Daemon.doc (31 kB)
Appendix B Storage Daemon Configuration File

File Daemon - Client.doc (20 kB)
Appendix B File Daemon Configuration File – Client Machine

File Daemon - Server.doc (21 kB)
Appendix B File Daemon Configuration File - Server