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The Journey is a musical suite for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and mixed percussion. Written for the composer's honors capstone project, The Journey describes stages of a mountain hike. Inspiration came from the composer's love of nature. Movement one, "Morning Sunrise," depicts preparations for the hike with a dawn valley scene. Eager preparation is shown musically by a constantly moving accompanimental pattern and a syncopated melody. This moves directly into the second movement, "Sunpatterned Leaves." Conga drums and a march feel paint the brisk trek through the forest. Movement three, "Darkening Pathways," journeys into the depths of an unexplored cave. Haunting melodies, repetitive woodblock motifs, and carefully structured texture changes create a dark atmosphere. "Beneath Dark Clouds", the fourth movement, resumes the forest hike, this time during an afternoon rainstorm. Sweeping clarinet melodies represent wind-blown trees, and staccato motifs in the other instruments represent raindrops. "Mountaintop Sunset", the final movement, depicts the mountain's summit as the sun sinks below the horizon. A majestic climax depicts the sun's setting rays. Fading into silence on a warm, dark chord, the musical journey is complete. The Journey was performed and recorded by the composer and three student musicians in November of 2007.


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