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My CE/T consists of a young adult novel appropriate for elementary students and an accompanying Standards Based Unit of Study (SBUS). An SBUS is an instructional plan for teaching and learning that addresses content areas in a meaningful way. As part of the SBUS, I am including lesson plans, essential questions, a calendar for teaching this four-week unit, all worksheets, writing prompts, and other activities to be used, and an annotated bibliography of related works. The nature of this project is creative, as I have designed a unit for use in the elementary classroom. It will cover material from various content areas, such as reading, writing, and history. My approach is unique in that I will be writing an original work to use with this project, rather than a book written by someone else. My students will gain much from having an author as their teacher, because I will be able to motivate and challenge them in unique ways.


Creative Writing | Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Instructional Media Design

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