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Marketing and Sales

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Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport

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Marketing and promotion have been used in sports for years to help market and support the games and teams. However, the use of promotions during the game to endorse sponsors and their products or services is becoming more common. Marketing and promotion directors for sports teams are utilizing this important tool to connect with fans and add value to the overall experience of the game. They are using breaks in the games for sponsored activities that retain the fans’ attention and keep them entertained while promoting that sponsor’s product. This thesis contributes to the development of promotional planning in professional sports. In particular, it gathers research and data on the subject and offers insight into the growing importance of in-game promotions in sports. Information was collected from sports organizations along with other research that led to conclusions about the growing importance and use of promotional activities and sponsored events. It also discusses the processes and tools used to execute successful promotions. This paper gives an in-depth exploration of the planning and implementation of sponsored events and promotional activities used during games to promote a sponsor’s product. It also examines the effectiveness of promotions as they become a more prevalent part of sports marketing.

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Lucinda Anderson


Arts and Humanities