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Modern Languages

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In this study, groups of elementary French students in two classes at Western Kentucky University utilized two different methods of skit performance to demonstrate the importance of communicative activities in the foreign language classroom. The effectiveness of each method was assessed to determine which method helped the students acquire grammar and vocabulary concepts more readily. One method was to have students write their own skits using a chapter in their textbook. The other method was to give students an outline that they filled in and memorized. Surveys and quizzes were used to gather data. The results of which method proved to be more helpful to students are based on students’ opinions, submitted through surveys, and quiz scores. Due to the ambiguous nature of the results, a third method is also proposed as a combination of the two to aid students further in acquiring grammar and vocabulary in the target language.

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Eddy A. Cuisinier


Arts and Humanities | French and Francophone Language and Literature