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The current project was designed to determine if science outreach programs affect the attitude of the students toward science and increase the science content knowledge of the students participating in the program. Students from middle schools surrounding the Bowling Green area participated in the project. The data set includes a total of 850 students from 7th and 8th grade. Students were given a pre-test (taken several days before the presentation) and a post-test (taken several days after the presentation). The tests contain both subjective, affective as well as objective, content questions. The individual student pre-/post-tests were index numbered to protect the identity of the students. Each pre- and post-test was scored according to a defined rubric. The data was analyzed to determine if there was a statistical difference between scores on the pre- and post-tests. When a statistical difference was identified, the difference was then determined to be positive or negative employing the average difference in the values. The results from the various analyses are presented and discussed.

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Lester Pesterfield


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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