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The unique optical properties of silica microspheres and lanthanoid elements present the opportunity to adapt silica microspheres containing rare earth elements for novel optical applications. The research demonstrates the first example of incorporating insoluble lanthanoid coordination compounds into silica microspheres. The work explored the controlled synthesis of silica microspheres and the reaction conditions under which lanthanoid complexes can be incorporated into the microspheres. The environment of the coordinated lanthanoid ions before and after incorporation into silica microspheres was probed using spectroflurophotometry. The surface morphology of silica microspheres was characterized using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The work explored novel syntheses of lanthanoid monoporphyrinates. The work also explored the incorporation of porphyrin macrocycles into silica microspheres.

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Dr. Les Pasterfield


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