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Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences

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For the past 50 years, urban development such as suburbs, shopping malls, highways, and retail chains have impacted the way that Americans live their everyday lives. While it is nice to quickly accomplish that daunting to-do list, these developments have demolished the main streets and downtowns of America. No longer do residents enjoy scenic shopping days, coffee in the park or simply a stroll around the town. Thus resulting in downtown business establishments closing and buildings became condemned. The property around what used to be an area full of life, fun and excitement became dull, boring and underappreciated. For this capstone experience project I have proposed a hotel, restaurant and spa design for Galloway Place at 601 State Street in Circus Square Park, Bowling Green, Kentucky in hopes to bring back the liveliness of the downtown area.

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Professor Sheila Flener


Marketing | Other Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning