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This project focuses on the Hispanic community in LaGrange, KY. It is a community-based research project, which includes participants in as many steps of the project as possible. The Hypothesis was that the skills and knowledge-bases of the community can be used to alleviate the issues they face. An Asset-based survey was used to acquire a quantitative analysis of the skills that exist in Hispanic population of LaGrange. The asset-based survey asked participants to answer anonymous questions about their job experience, skills, and passions. An internship at Nuevo Amanacer Baptist Church aided in the research of this project. Working within the congregation provided a way to actively and consistently participate in the community. Community partners are crucial with this project. Partnerships were forged with LaGrange Elementary, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, and Nuevo Amanacer Baptist Church. These institutions are involved with many different aspects of the Hispanic community. They work to meet holistic needs of the residents. Interviews with workers in these institutions were held to record issues that face the Hispanic population of Lagrange: language barriers, culture clash, teen pregnancy, high drop-out rate, illiteracy, and job loss. An understanding of the assets uncovered by the survey will be used to create sustainable programs by the community partners to alleviate issues that plague the Hispanic population of LaGrange, KY.

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Dr. Paul Markham



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