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This essay and unit plan examine and defend the teaching of poetry in high school English courses as a vital, practical, and major component of a curriculum. The instruction of poetry in public schools is strictly limited today, yet students gain skills through humanities classes that cannot be learned through other courses, such as critical thinking, self-expression, and analyzing abilities. These skills are translatable to additional subjects as well, including composing music, interpreting languages, evaluating arguments, solving problems, drawing conclusions, and understanding difficult concepts. How poetry is taught must also be examined, with regards to specific strategies, structural guidelines, and the philosophies of teaching. The use of research-based strategies and the implementation of philosophies that are conducive to the learning environment prove to be crucial for optimal learning. The essay synthesizes the goals of the unit plan while also discussing the role of classroom management, teaching principles, and the importance of re-incorporating poetry into the high school English curriculum.

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Dr. Ted Hovet


Education | English Language and Literature