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“East Meets West”: Symphony Television Production is a multi-camera broadcasting project covering WKU Symphony’s live performance titled “East Meets West” in Van Meter Hall on March 16, 2012. The project involved recording the WKU Symphony’s ninety-minute live performance using seven professional high-definition cameras throughout the auditorium and directing camera operators from the television control booth. The footage from each camera was synced in post-production and edited down for regional broadcast and distribution. The final video includes a majority of the pieces presented during the performance on March 16, as well as brief informative interviews with members of the WKU Symphony. This ambitious television production required strategic and extensive planning, producing, directing, editing, crew management, budgeting, and collaboration among all individuals involved in the broadcasting project and symphony performance.

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Professor David Brinkley


Arts and Humanities | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Television | Theatre and Performance Studies