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It is certain that Hispanics in Bowling Green confront numerous obstacles, such as a language barrier and a lack of knowledge of available community services that prohibits them from fully integrating into our community. The goal of this research is to gain a better understanding of these obstacles, to determine the perceptions of the city’s Latino population, and to ascertain what businesses, services, and community organizations can do in order to better accommodate Hispanics in Bowling Green. This research analyzes the results of a needs assessment survey administered to 80 self-identified Hispanic members of local churches. The survey responses indicated that Hispanics do feel welcomed by the Bowling Green community, but that they often worry about communication with English speakers, healthcare, and employment. These results should serve as a basis of further study of Bowling Green’s Hispanic population.

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Dr. Sonia Lenk


Community-Based Research | Other Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature | Public Affairs | Social Welfare