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Folk Studies and Anthropology

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This thesis documents existing refugee organizations and services in Kentucky with an in-depth focus on the Center for Development, Acculturation, & Resolution Services (CEDARS) in Bowling Green, KY. CEDARS was established in 2011 with the mission of connecting various community resources in order to assist refugees and immigrants in their resettlement transition following the initial 90 days when government assistance ends. This case-study of CEDARS examines the non-profit’s history, organization, missions, accomplishments, and areas of needed improvement. The research looks at how CEDARS fits into the context of Kentucky’s existing non-profit refugee service organizations and, more specifically, within the small city of Bowling Green. An analysis of this organization and others in the area will illustrate the current state of refugee services in Kentucky, as well as needed improvements for the future.

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Dr. Kate Hudepohl


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