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Painting Connections consists of five sections. This includes four essays, one of which introduces my work, and three that explore, at greater length, different influences on my work. The final section is composed of plates with images of my drawings, paintings, and prints. The Introduction briefly outlines the three essays that follow, as well as gives a brief overview of how the project was conceived. The Initial Shock explores how South African contemporary artist William Kentridge has influenced my thinking about art and development of imagery. Daydreams: Learning from Gaston Bachelard and Neo Rauch delves deeper into the roles that Bachelard's writing and Rauch's painting have had in shaping my current work. An Architect Making Art reflects on the direct interaction I was able to have with contemporary artist Alfredo Jaar. The Thesis Project is meant to serve as an intellectual and academic footing for my work. It will allow me to more surely proceed on my professional path.

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Professor Yvonne Petkus


Art and Design | Fine Arts