Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research

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Information systems and informatics technologies are employed to increase profitability and efficiency of business models. The most common mistake made by managers, when incorporating informatics into their business model, is under-utilizing the technological capacity of their resources and investing in extraneous functions. This thesis will examine the usage of information systems and informatics principles in the United States public education system. Approaching the case from a consultant’s perspective, this paper will map out the business model theory, its actual implementation, and identify key failure points and areas of improvement in informatics usage. The structure of the thesis follows the first 2 steps of ADDIE Instructional Design model, embedded within the strategic management business analysis model. It begins with the business analysis, then systems analysis, followed by design of the informatics structure that would best suit the needs of the Public Education System. The results are then compared with the current solutions and a conclusion on necessary migration and improvements are made.

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Dr. Evelyn Thrasher


Technology and Innovation