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Modern Languages

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Previous demographic and social interest research conducted in Bowling Green, Kentucky has prompted concern for access to quality healthcare for immigrant populations, specifically for the Hispanic community. The missions of the preliminary investigation and subsequent implementation of a sustainable health fair for the Spanish-speaking community were to assess the primary health concerns that many Hispanics face and offer long-term solutions to collectively resolve these health issues. Preliminary investigation involved researching population-specific health statistics in order to quantify prevalence of certain conditions which were, in turn, prioritized in terms of necessity to address. Further research reflected personal concern from the target population, thereby qualifying the need for resolutions. Through a year-long, intensive investigation and extensive collaboration with many community health resources, a sustainable health fair for the Bowling Green Hispanic population was held to 1) provide on-site care for current health issues, 2) educate patients on disease prevention and community resources available to them, and 3) assess the primary health concerns of this population. The implemented design is intended to serve as a model for future minority health initiatives in this community and across the nation.

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Dr. Sonia Lenk


Latin American Languages and Societies | Modern Languages | Public Health