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Quadrotors are small and exceptionally agile vehicles with maneuverability that permits both indoor and outdoor flight. The vast majority of quadrotors are flown autonomously as drones or remotely by a human-operator. Applications of quadrotors range from commercial deliveries, to military and law reconnaissance as well as research tools for various fields. Our lab at Western Kentucky University built a quadrotor in 2013, and we have been exploring various modifications to refine its performance and various applications in which it could be productively employed. Recently, research has focused on the addition of a camera to add capabilities for first person view (FPV) piloting, photogrammetry, and real-time visual inspection.

The new camera system was to be designed, built, and tested as part of a Faculty-Undergraduate Student Engagement (FUSE) grant. The system consists of a gimbal with pan/tilt capabilities has been designed and built via a Stratasys rapid prototyping machine

The camera mount has met not only sizing and weight requirements, but also video transmission, recording, and live-viewing requirements. The design process has been successful in developing a pan/tilt camera mount for our lab’s quadrotor, and in creating countless learning outcomes as it produced multiple areas of research involving a variety of students with differing interests.

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Dr. Julie Ellis


Mechanical Engineering