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As a way to encourage participation in a movement against a long-held issue with broad impact yet little reform, this compilation describes the processes of research, planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating an effective public relations campaign on homelessness and/or homeownership by breaking down each step in detail. These details include: my experience as a public relations professional for Home Matters doing a similar campaign, professional advice from individuals considered to be experts in their various careers, and applicable samples of work. This compilation’s purpose is to provide individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to conduct an effective campaign to reduce homelessness and/or increase homeownership among U.S. residents. As a result, lack of experience, budget restrictions, or the absence of a public relations person will no longer hinder anyone from adopting the movement in helping everyone achieve homeownership and to finally end homelessness.

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Professor Vicki Bagwell


Life Sciences | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Law and Legal Theory