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How much of an impact do advertising, brand loyalty, and socioeconomic status have on the overall oral-health knowledge and dental care product purchases of consumers? A survey was distributed to collect data on consumers’ background, oral hygiene purchasing habits, and decision making rationales. It was assumed that those with minimal access to care and minimal oral-health knowledge would be purchasing products based on sale prices, or the promise of improved esthetics, whereas consumers with increased access to care would likely make their purchasing decisions based on the recommendations of a dental professional and be potentially more interested in trying new and innovative products, regardless of price. The results of this study indicated that, while advertising does have an effect, its influence is not as strong as originally suspected. Fluctuating brand loyalty, sales price, and familial influence were shown as the main motivators behind choice in dental product. Other factors that were noted included the benefits which would be gained by using specific products, with the most desired trait being cavity prevention and the least desired trait being sensitivity relief.

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Dr. Lynn Austin


Dental Public Health and Education | Dentistry