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Modern statistics have shown that periodontal disease is highly prevalent in today’s society. Periodontal disease has detrimental effects to the oral cavity, including: bone less, recession, and tooth mobility. A strong correlation has been linked to the use of the subgingival air polisher on patients with active periodontal disease and the regression of the disease after being treated with the device. This is being compared to traditional hand-scaling beneath the gingiva margin which is less efficient in removing biofilm subgingivally. Recent studies (Petersilka et al.) are confirming this to be true by treating patients with both hand-scaling and the subgingival air polishing on root surfaces. This project will discover the correlation between periodontal disease regression and the subgingival air polisher. The results of this study indicated that the use of the subgingival air polisher is minimal, even though the benefits of its use on patients are prominent.

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Professor Wendi Hulsey


Dental Materials | Dentistry