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Theatre and Dance

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Artists in the dance world are now experimenting with new and more varied subgenres of contemporary dance such as contemporary dance improvisation, but audience reception of this type of work is incongruent from country to country, and even from place to place within one nation. In America, the artistry spans from those who are making breakthroughs and experimenting with new techniques to companies which continue to perform celebrated repertoire. Because of London’s role as a world leader in the arts, and its geographical location in England, avant-garde artistry is especially common throughout that nation. The author spent time studying in both countries and developed an interest in learning how and why the differences are so prominent. In an attempt to assess how various audience members’ cultural backgrounds might affect their perception of the dance that they see, the author produced a concert series of structured contemporary dance improvisation alongside a collection of poetry inspired by both England and America and showcased them for feedback in both countries. Finally, the author analyzed audience responses and drew conclusions about the international state of contemporary dance improvisation.

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Professor Clifton Brown


Dance | Performance Studies | Poetry