Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


School of Journalism and Broadcasting

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I am a videographer. Yes, my degree will qualify me as a reporter, someone familiar with the inner workings of a news station. However, I posit that the School of Journalism and Broadcasting does not give you a career, but rather a skillset that prepares you for a range of jobs. My discipline taught me how to articulate my thoughts in a clear, concise manner, which translates well to script or track writing. In addition, I have technical abilities that enable me to handle video and audio equipment proficiently. Combining these capabilities with soft skills I honed over the past few years on the Forensics team, I am what the industry would call a one-man-band. As such, I can implement each strength in the best way I see fit. The variable that most often alters how I manage my attributes on an individual production is the job assignment. Even though I may use the same equipment, the job assignment changes the storytelling process. My thesis project further delves into this idea by drawing on personal examples, as well as, times in the media where someone crossed the precarious line between agenda driven production and news media.

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Professor Bradley Pfranger


Digital Humanities | Film Production | Television