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Social Work

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Previous research has shown the prevalence of females on college campuses across the nation experiencing a generalized fear of being victimized or violently assaulted while on campus. This fear is generated by the knowledge of violent crimes towards women on campus, as well as the perception alone that there are assaults happening on campus. Studies have noted that this fear held by female students can significantly affect their academic progress and overall wellbeing while at school. This study chose to examine the female students of Western Kentucky University and their personal perception of safety on college campuses comparing students who live on campus versus students living off campus. The hypothesis was that female students living on campus would experience feeling safer than females living off campus due to access to emergency resources and informational safety programs provided by the residence halls. Data was collected using random surveys distributed to females on Western Kentucky University’s campus. The study did not support the hypothesis, as the results found no significant difference between on campus and off campus female students. However, knowledge about the level of education surrounding safety was gained, as well as the need for further discussion and better intervention strategies.

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Dr. Gary Villereal


Psychology | Social Work