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Ozone therapy has been used in medicine for many years to treat a variety of ailments. Ozone is an unstable triatomic molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. This molecule has the ability to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. The researcher first was curious if there has been research done on uses of Ozone Therapy in the dental setting. After reviewing the literature there is indeed a use for Ozone Therapy to treat a host of dental problems including periodontal disease, ulcers, and carious lesions (also known as cavities). However, there are conflicting conclusions in the literature as to whether or not Ozone Therapy is the most effective treatment against oral pathogens. The research done on the subject in dentistry is limited. The researcher sent out a brief survey to inquire if dentists in the state of Kentucky are aware of Ozone Therapy and its uses in dentistry. The researcher also inquired about the dentists’ location, the year of graduation from dental school, and if they specialize in a certain area of dentistry. The survey will give insight into whether or not dentists are aware of this treatment alternative. The research suggest that more dentist are unaware of Ozone Therapy than those that are aware of Ozone Therapy. There seems to be no significant relationship between knowledge of Ozone Therapy and the year that the dentist graduated dental school. Nor is there a relationship between knowledge and whether or not the dentist practices general dentistry or specializes.

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Lynn Austin


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