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The WKU Engineering Department Senior Student Team, The Synchronizers, has been contracted to modify a MTD transmission’s sound characteristics. This project entails developing a sound data acquisition apparatus and method, developing a sound test stand which will fully load the transmission and load characteristics, and suggesting modes of sound modification. The Sound Data Acquisition method entails using a specialized microphone calibrated to operate on IOS devices to measure Sound Intensity. The sound intensity will be found over a collective area, in order to evaluate to the sound power generated. The sound test stand will consist of a system designed to drive the transmission, introduce friction and thereby torque, and a system that will measure the rpm of the axle, and the torque experienced by each axle. Potential modes of modifying sound characteristics include modifying current gear design, introducing shims, and introducing sound characteristic material. As the project has developed the end result has been shaped into a sound test bed and sound data acquisition system which shall be useable by MTD as they test alternative methods of sound modification.

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Christopher Bryne


Acoustics, Dynamics, and Controls | Mechanical Engineering