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Video blogging, or vlogging, has become its own genre on YouTube in almost a “reality show” type atmosphere. This project aims to examine that world of video blogging from a personal level, not only as a film student, but also from the perspective of an aspiring businesswoman. The goals of this project are to take on the role of a vlogger, along with all its struggles, while exposing myself to a new culture in hopes of appealing to a certain demographic. It appears as though we have gone from a world relying on telegrams and postcards to becoming a society built on developing our social media presence and expanding our worldviews beyond our own backyards. Sites such as YouTube make it easy for someone on one hemisphere to connect to someone on another. Younger generations seem to cling to these sites as a way to not only stay connected, but in a way, live vicariously through the people they follow and the channels to which they subscribe. What were once the written words of bloggers who would share their experiences and concerns with their readers, has turned into video blogging those events in real time. Viewers want to feel closer to the ones to whom they subscribe to and desire to build more emotional connections with a relatable community of people.

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Dr. Ted Hovet, Mrs. Jeanine Cherry, Dr. Christopher Keller


Broadcast and Video Studies | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Film and Media Studies | Marketing