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Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences

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Over the years, the fine arts have served as the embodiment of a cultures beliefs and practices. From Art and Music to Language and Communications, the fine arts have shaped the way we interact and live our daily lives. Architecture is considered one of the many fine arts. Architecture has served as a physical monument of the representation of these ideals. Many artistic principles such as rhythm and repetition are prevalent in the detail orientation of architecture, and other principles such as performance and expression, showcase the beauty behind design that influences people’s thoughts and feelings. This research will establish how architecture is the full embodiment of all the fine arts and how the arts work to influence and provoke thoughts of creativity and individualism in a modern society. With the increasing emphasis placed on STEM career fields, this project will examine how the incorporation of the humanities can aid in the development and overall success of all individuals. The research will focus on how the established principles can be applied to WKU with the culmination of the research leading to the development of the WKU College of Fine Arts. This newly designed fine arts center will encourage and facilitate the growth of the fine arts and serve as the embodiment of the philosophy established in this project.

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Shahnaz Aly, Neal Downing, Siera Bramschreiber


Architecture | Art and Design | Music