Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


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My CE/T Project revolves around the pre-production work for a short film that explores the current political climate in the United States of America. The project was a very rewarding experience, as it better prepared me for professional life within the film industry. The reason that I chose the particular topic that I did is that I wanted to create a project that would serve as a positive message to the people of this country as well as other people all around the world. The message that I wanted to convey with this project is that we can get along with and love people even if we disagree with them. Regardless of our beliefs, we should be able to coexist as humans and love each other. The process of completing this project was fairly simple in theory. In the end, I wrote three completely different short film screenplays, receiving very helpful feedback on each of them from my faculty advisors, Sara Thomason and Ted Hovet. Once we settled on a final screenplay, I completed much of the pre-production work for it, including a Script Breakdown, Shot List, Shooting Schedule, Strip Board, Budget, Bibliography, and Artist Statement. All of these will appear in this document, in addition to the screenplay itself. As part of the project, I also prepared and presented a pitch for my short film in front of my Feature Screenwriting class with Professor Jessica Folk. This pitch allowed me to, first of all, practice pitching, and second of all, receive very useful feedback from professors and fellow students that were external to the project.

Advisor(s) or Committee Chair

Sara Corkern Thomason, Ted Hovet


Film and Media Studies | Political Science