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My research declares that the One-Child Policy has had a huge impact on foreign adoption and causes Chinese adoptees to have similar patterns of behavior, such as unique identity issues despite different life experiences. In addition, I researched effective coping mechanisms for adoptees and hypothesized that conversing and openness with adoption is beneficial. This topic is crucial for aiding scientific understanding of psychological processes in adopted individuals as well as aid others and adoptees themselves on how to effectively cope with the unique adoption experience. I personally deem this topic important not only because I was born in China, but also because the One Child Policy personally affected me by causing me to attain orphan status which led to my adoption. Using my adoption status, I interviewed around 50 other Chinese adoptees and analyzed existing research in attempt to understand the broad impact on these adoptees. I am aware that others have researched this topic, but most focus on ramifications in China of the One Child Policy, not the impact it has on those adopted abroad. Furthermore, most adoption work are written through the adopted parents’ perspective. My work will solely be based on adoptees experiences focusing on coping mechanisms.

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Dr. Timothy Rich, Dr. Jeffrey Samuels, Dr. Christopher Keller


Chinese Studies | East Asian Languages and Societies | Political Science