Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Political Science

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Nationalism--one of the most salient forces working within the contemporary system of states--is on the rise, and no state is immune. Contemporary nationalism is fundamentally different from that which first appeared on the political scene more than two centuries ago. In the international system, state sovereignty is recognized over the right of self-determination of nations Since the right of self-determination is incompatible with sovereignty, changes must be made. Some nations work toward receiving a voice or gaining greater autonomy; others clamor for secession. It is the latter which poses the greatest threat to peace and international stability. There are various ways to resolve nationalistic conflict; the key lies in finding solutions for nationalism before it occurs. States should form governments which are inclusive, yet preserve cultural autonomy; nations must feel they have a voice in the political system. Multinational organizations and institutions should also be embraced by the world community. Ultimately, one must realize that each state, though possessing similarities, is also unique_ Solutions must therefore be sought which are appropriate for each state.


Political Science