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This research project offers insight into the visual rhetorical of design decisions made in the marketing materials of Christy Dawn, a sustainable fashion brand. The primary goal of this research is to identify several motivators, based on prior studies, for the consumption of sustainable fashion and analyze the existing marketing visuals of Christy Dawn’s brand, specifically in how they appeal to these motivators, thus also communicating their sustainable rhetoric to consumers in the process. This project defines these motivators in detail and addresses them in relation to particular elements of design in Christy Dawn’s materials, such as images, color, and typography.

From this analysis, audience members will be able to determine the significant impact of visual rhetoric used in marketing on the growth of the sustainable fashion industry, particularly in brands that attempt to appeal to the specific motivators of their consumer base. Ultimately, this research makes larger connections to the fields of professional writing and visual rhetoric, as well as how marketing impacts both the success of the brand in question and the informed consumer.

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Daniel Liddle, Ph.D.


Fashion Business | Marketing | Other Rhetoric and Composition | Technical and Professional Writing