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Deportations are an understudied component of U.S. deportation policy. While a range of literature focuses on the factors that influence immigration inflows and public perceptions of immigrants, relatively few have studied deportations. I studied deportations by conducting time-series analysis of yearly deportations and by analyzing three original public opinion surveys on perceptions of deportations. In my time-series chapter, I used regression analysis to find that the party composition of the U.S. House and Senate, the unemployment rate, and the incarceration rate influence deportations. In my public opinion chapter, I find that a plurality of American’s support deportations, particularly when they believe an immigrant is undocumented and/or has committed a crime. I also conducted content analysis on responses to an open-ended prompt, finding that most respondents have a strong opinion on deportations, when tends to average as fairly neutral. This analysis helps determine the language and factors policymakers should emphasize when discussing deportations.

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Timothy Rich, Ph.D.


Economics | Political Science