Newsletter created by the cadets of the 321st AAFCTD stationed at WKU. This issue includes:

  • New Student Staff Officers Take Over Leadership of 321st CTD
  • The Soldier of the Week, A-S Keyes
  • New Student Major Takes Over
  • Wednesday Night Military Award Initiated
  • Camera Privilege Revoked
  • Who is to be the Sweetheart of the 321st?
  • Items Conductive to Morale
  • Friendly Tips
  • Keep 'Em Singing!
  • Instructive Film Shown
  • Special Mention
  • New Activity is Featured
  • Compendium of Athletes
  • Batting it Around
  • Clippers Win Again
  • Voice
  • Welcome to New Men
  • Calisthenics Program Undergoes Change
  • Commanding Officer, Paul Leurig
  • Identification Tags


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