Newsletter created by the cadets of the 321st AAFCTD stationed at WKU. This issue includes:

  • Moving Day Sees Laughter, Tears, Busy Chaplains
  • Open Post Seeks Queen of Hill in Contest This Week
  • 321st Graduate Selected as Outstanding, Danford Josey
  • New Year Reverie
  • Newest Squadron on Hill Contains Men of Long Service in Many Army Branches
  • New Name for Band Results from Contest
  • Introducing a New Series about 321st Officers Open Post Presents Lt. Alfred M. Collins
  • Say Ah-h-h!
  • In the Mail
  • Until Just Recently
  • Our Wet Christmas
  • One General Statement
  • It's Only a Suggestion Gentelemen
  • The Proverbial Ball
  • Let's Take a Few Minutes
  • Don't Print This
  • Soldier of the Week
  • de Blois, Frank. Max Baer Still Talks a Great Fight as Interviewed by CNS Sports Editor
  • At Ease, Rest, Peel Off
  • Coach Ed Diddle, Hilltoppers, Featured in Look Magazine
  • First Flight and Its Effects Described
  • He's a Wolf
  • Squadron news
  • Song of the Week
  • Caprenter, C.H. Student Officer Corner


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